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The disadvantage and advantage of impact ...

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Compared with other type of crushers , the impact crusher has some advantge as follow:

(1)    The crushing efficiency is high,  the power conversation is low, gernally as 0.5-1.3kw.h/t. because the material anti-pression is ten times more than their anti-impact strength, so the impact crusher that its 1/3 energy saved than jaw crusher,  1/2-4/5 energy saved than roller cruser.

(2)    Crushing ratio is higher, generally as about 20, the higher reaches 50-60, even more, so, it can reduce crusehing numbers of segments, simplify production process,  save investment , and reduce production cost.

(3)    The device structure is simple, easy manufacture, and convenient operating and maintain.

(4)    Impact crusher has a characteristic of slective crushing, means the big density material size is samll after be crushed, the small density size is big after be crushed. To the benefit of the sorting of mineral.

(5)    The impact crusher is light, it has not apparent imbalance vibrate as it working, not need heavy device infoundation.

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