How to solve the problem of jaw crusher host suddenly stop?

Asker: Dominic
Ask Date: 8/30/2013 09:02:51 AM
Question: How to solve the problem of jaw crusher host suddenly stop?
Detail: How to solve the problem of jaw crusher host suddenly stop


Reply: Hi Dominic,

Thanks for your question.

1. Eccentric shaft adapter sleeve loose, which will lead to the bearing housing on both sides of the rack without gaps, so the eccentric shaft can not rotate, which is like a computer system error, accidentally deleted or overwritten program that caused the error, "stuffy vehicle" occurs; Solving method: it is necessary to reinstall or replace the adapter bushing.
2. Workplaces voltage is too low, the host after experiencing aniseed, weakness to broken, it can cause "stuffy vehicle" phenomenon; it is the same with low voltage computer cause the computer can not boot. Solving method: alignment workplace voltage, to conform to the requirements of the host operating voltage.
3. The discharge opening clogged, causing filled with blocking material, and thus a "traffic jam" phenomenon. It just like computer C drives too much devices and can not start. Such a problem, the solution is: clear discharge opening blockages to ensure the smooth flow of the material.
4. The drive sheave rotation V-belt is too loose, which causing the belt to slip, it may result in a "stuffy vehicle", which is like a computer memory loose, which requires timely and tighten or replace the V-belt.
5. Bearing damage, component operation unwieldy, which is like CPU burn, "stuffy vehicle" is the end result, in this case, no more solutions than replace the bearings ideal.


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