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Asker:Mr Angus MacLellan
Ask Date:1/27/2010 10:55:03 PM
Question:Complete Costing across the board
Detail: Good day to you Sir, I represent a Company in Baku, Azerbaijan called A-USA. I have been give the task of importing crushing plant capable of producing 150-200 tons per day to service the civil/building construction infrastructure programmes. It is envisaged that the usage for this facilities could rise to 7000,000 tins per year very quickly. What would you advise at this time to medium/course rock and also river bed rock hard/crisp/ This is a very very urgent enquiry and I have funding in place for capital expenditure and for other anscillary plant & equipment necessary to embrace the entire Operation. regards, with respect , Angus MacLellan


Our sales manager will give you a detailed solution ASAP. Thanks for your inquiry.


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