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Home » FAQ » Grinder Series » Can you provide aggregate grinding mill?

Ask Date:1/6/2008 9:14:17 PM
Question:Can you provide aggregate grinding mill?
Detail: Hello, I have a mineral plant in Mexico, and want to grind the material into fine powder for industrial purpose. Can your company provide aggregate grinding mills and install the equipments for me? Thank you!


We can provide the aggregate grinding mill to you.But please tell us the output size you need.According the information you provide,we can recommed you the suitable machine.

Crusher is to crush big size materials into small size and grinding mill is to grind the small size materials into power all for industrial purpose.

Before we recommend you the proper machine and quote you the reasonable price, please tell me the following data:
1. What is the material you want to process? (must be NOT flammable and explosive)
2. What is the max input size? (mm)
3. What is the size of the final products?(mm or mesh or micron)
4. What is the production capacity you need?(ton per hour)


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