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The Material Ingredients of Dry-mixed Mortar

The main ingredients of dry-mixed mortar:

Ⅰ. Inorganic adhesive: silicate cement, high-alumina cement, special cement, plaster, anhydrite.

Ⅱ. Organic adhesive: cement mortar is the material which is hard, crumbly and has poor flexibility. In modern constructions, it must use polymer to change the mortar and to satisfy requests of construction.

Ⅲ. Aggregate: Most of aggregate is quartz sand in normal size, limestone sand or dolomitic sand, etc, at times it use lightweight aggregate.

Ⅳ. Additives

ⅰ. Cellulose ether is used as thickener and water retaining.

ⅱ. Others

  1. starch ethers use to increase consistency of mortar
  2. Air entraining agent brings micro-bubbles by the physique function and reduce the density of mortar, it’s good for construction. the rate of sulfuric acid sodium salt and soduim is 0.01%-0.06%.
  3. Coagulant is used to require the times of condense . Calcium formate is used always ,the proportion is 0.5%-2.5%.
  4. Retarder is used mainly in gypsum plaster and gypsum-based filler,the main is acid salts,the proportion is usual 0.05%-0.25%.
  5. Water repellent can avoid the water infiltrateing into mortar,at the same time,the mortar contain open to spread of vapor, it uses mainly hydrophobic polymer to distribute powder,it isn’t washed after many years by the rain .so the useful time is more long ,it raise the adhesion between the sclerotic mortar and the basic material.
  6. Super plasticizer is used mainly in the self-leveling dry-mixed mortar .
  7. Fibres is divided into long fibre and short fibre. Long fibre is used to strengthen and reinforce. Short fibre is used to effect and change the function and water requirement of mortar .
  8. Defoamer is usede to reduce air content of mortar ,it is used mainly in Hydrocarbon,carmowax and other additives like paint,thickener,plasticizer.


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