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How to choose stone crushing equipment in cement production

Cement is made from limestone and clay through calcinations at high temperature. In cement production process, most materials need to be crushed, such as limestone, clay and mine, etc. The biggest quantity of materials is limestone, whose size is large and hardness is high after exploitation, so it is very important to crush limestone in cement production process. Choosing stone crushing equipment is important in cement production. Experts from Liming Heavy Industry have some ideas about choosing crushing equipments in cement production.

Generally stone production line is: single stage hammer crusher-vibrating screen-final production. The stone production line in every cement plant is similar, however the final materials is stone powder, so it must add the step of grinding process in cement plant. While crushing process is more economic and convenient than grinding process.

Meanwhile it can lighten the segregation phenomenon in varying degrees in transportation and storage, raising the exactitude of ingredient after materials crushed. So it is very important to choose the crushing and grinding machine, because limestone is high hardness material, and it can be crushed by single stage hammer crusher, which specially used for the rigor condition of limestone. The large-block materials should be crushed to tiny and even size as possible as they can before entering milling machine, in order to alleviate the load of milling machine and increase the output of milling. At this time materials which match the desired size go to the next step—grinding, materials which don't meet the size go back and continue to crush, until reach the required size. The stone crushing equipment of Liming Heavy Industry has plenty of advantages, such as high efficiency, capital-saving, reasonable structure and reliable operating, etc. So it is ideal equipment for cement production.


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