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How to deal with the emergency of impact crusher

Impact Crusher is mainly used to crush many kinds of large, medium, small materials. The impact crusher is widely used in building material, hydroelectricity, artificial stone and sand, highway, etc. Emergency of impact crusher in working is inevitable. Pay special attention to the situation in the operation process of impact crusher, so learn some emergency treatment about impact crusher is necessary. Henan Liming Heavy Industry is always doing the best in products and service.

1. Bearing temperature is too high.

Solution: First of all, to check whether the lubricating grease reduce, the standard should be full of grease on bearing capacity of 50%; Cleaning bearings and replace lubricating grease in time; if the bearings wear seriously, please replace bearings.

2. Crushing cavity inside with abnormal severe knock.

Solution: Immediately power off the crushers, parking and cleaning up the crushing chamber; Checks cannot be broken materials enter the crushing Chamber. Machines in operation will have a huge vibration, so check the fastening of scale board and the gap between the hammer and the scale board. Check the Wear-resistant lining Board are shedding; Replacement of broken pieces.

3. Discharging particle size too large.

Solution: Adjusting the gap of counterattack frame or replacing seriously worn scale board and board hammer; besides adjust the position of counterattack frame, making counterattack on both sides and frame lining to achieve relative gap to ensure the size of material.

Although the impact crusher is with the characteristics of big crushing ratio, the wearing parts is easily worn owning to the impact of the plate hammer, which causes the increasing cost of wearing parts as well as the reduction of the crushing amount. As with this phenomenon, Liming Heavy Industry wear-resistant materials research institute make efforts to upgrade the technology of the board hammer, impact scaleboard and other components.


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