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How to disassemble jaw crusher correctly

Jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing various ores and large materials with compression strength not more than 320Mpa into medium-sized grains. Jaw crushers are used as primary crusher and secondary crusher since they can achieve coarsely crushing and fine crushing. Jaw crusher can process large stones with large capacity primarily and thus become the first choice for primary crushing. Its structure is simple and stable. And it works reliable, the maintenance and repair is easy. Besides, the building and construction production cost is relatively low. Therefore, up to now jaw crusher is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electricity, traffic and many other fields.

Although the jaw crusher is simple in structure and easy to maintain, most of the jaw crusher operators do not know how to disassemble the jaw crusher correctly. Now experts from Liming Heavy Industry will tell you how to disassemble the jaw crusher correctly.

The most frequent repair project for jaw crusher is to replace the thrust plate. For the rod overall jaw crusher, removing the thrust plate must tighten the baffle bolt firstly, and then cut off the dry oil lubricating pipe, making the thrust plate hang on the crane hook or other lifting equipment. Next, loose the spring on one side of the waling stripe, pull the movable jaw to the fixed jaw direction, and remove the thrust plate. For removing the back thrust plate, it is necessary to draw away the connecting rod, the front thrust plate and the moving together, and then remove the back thrust plate.

After the thrust plate removing, cut off the dilute lubricant tubing and the cooling pipes, support the connecting rod with the holder, and then remove the rod cap to lift out the connecting rod. The principal axis of crusher should be taken down together with the pulley and the flywheel. Move the motor (together with the belt) along the rails to close the crusher as far as possible, remove the V-belt, and then use the crane to lift the shaft.

Pay attention to that when remove the movable jaw, it is necessary to cut off the dry lubricating oil pipe firstly, and then remove the trolley, next remove the bearing cap, at last pull out the moving jaw with a crane or other lifting equipment.


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