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How to improve efficiency of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is widely used in stone crushing process. As the primary crushing equipment of various stone and sand production line, jaw crusher is characterized by its large output and high investment, and is the direct decisive factor of the whole production line productivity due. The following methods are supposed to applied for efficiency improvement of jaw crusher from the aspect of the machine itself:

1. Control the discharging opening reasonably. It is necessary to adjust the diameter of the discharging opening of the jaw crusher according to the output product size requirement in production. The discharging opening should be as large as possible on condition that the output product size is satisfactory to speed up the discharging and enhance the working efficiency of the jaw crusher eventually.

2. Make fine proper adjustment the rotating speed of the eccentric shaft. Increase the rotating speed of the eccentric shaft within certain limit, the jaw crusher will work with a higher efficiency. Yet, the over-high speed of the eccentric shaft will raise the power consumption per unit weight of the rock, and even block the the machine caused by the crushed rocks in the crushing cavity with consequent reduced productivity. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher at a appropriate speed by proper fine adjustment.

3. Keep an appropriate rodent angle (the angle between the mobile jaw and the fixed jaw). According to statistics and calculation, the rodent angle of jaw crusher reaches 32 degrees in maximum, and it is usually below 25 degrees, i.e. 18-20 degrees in most times. The overlarge rodent angle will squeeze the rocks up in the crushing cavity without enough crushing with reduced the producing efficiency of the jaw crusher, and damage the parts of the machine or even throw out rocks and hit the people nearby.

In addition of the above aspects from the machine itself, it is necessary to control the external factors such as the feeding size, speed, and uniformity for a high efficiency of the jaw crusher.

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