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How to install jaw stone crusher

Jaw stone crusher is widely used in stone crushing process as primary crushing equipment. However, many users don’t know how to install jaw stone crusher correctly. Here engineers from Liming Heavy Industry tell something about how to install jaw stone crusher:

Before Jaw Crusher Preparations

1, Should carefully examine whether there is a good lubricating bearings, bearing the connection, and whether there is sufficient oil.

2, Should be carefully examined all of the fastening is completely fixed.

3, The transmission belt is good, that there should be replaced with a logo, there is grease on the belt or pulley, a clean rag and wipe his application.

4, The protection device is good, and if found, the phenomenon of protection device is unsafe, shall immediately be canceled.

5, Check whether the ore crushing chamber, or other debris, such as minerals, or other debris should be removed.

During Jaw Crusher Working

1, Check to prove that mechanical transmission part is normal, before the start.

2, The machine is started under load conditions only in the case of promises.

3, Starts, if found to have abnormalities, should immediately stop running, you must identify and eliminate non-normal, then re-start the crushing machine.


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