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How to maintain cone crusher

The cone crusher is common crushing equipment widely used in industrial production, which is mainly used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, airport, water conservancy and the chemical industry sector etc. Therefore, we need to suitable attendance to maintain cone crusher normal operation in order to improve crusher life, production efficiency and productivity. Here are some suggestions to the cone crusher maintenance, we hope to be helpful.

1. The maintenance of bearings.

If you want the bearings with good lubrication, you must inject clean and well sealed lubricating oil. Where is the best place to inject the oil? There are four places: (1) rotating bearing; (2) roller bearing; (3) gears; (4)activities bearing, sliding plane;

2. The regular inspection of the tire hoop. In generally it is easier to loose.

3. We must pay attention to whether every part of cone crusher is working properly and check the attrition grade of each part. We must immediately replace the worn or damaged parts. We should also pay lose attention to the bearing temperature and whether it has impact sound when the gear is running. We should stop it at once when noise or other abnormal sound is head to find the cause and settle it.

4. We must pay particular attention to the plane putting the active device of cone crusher and timely remove the dust or foreign matter in order to avoid serious accidents.

5. The quantity of materials should not higher than the mortar.

6. The max feeding size should not equal to the feed opening, (the max feeding size=85% of the feed opening) otherwise, it will lead to:

a. the capacity is low.

b. some spare parts will be damaged.

7. when stop the crusher, stop the feeder first. After the materials are all discharged out, stop the crusher.


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