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New clerks joined in the Development Training

Author:News Center   Post Date:2007-4-22

In the “Beijiguang” Scene Garden Base on April 21,2007, the flag of “Henan Liming Road and Bridge Heavy Industry ” was fluttering, more than forty new clerks joined in the one day’s “With one heart – Liming” development training.


Development training is a filed training which can develop the attendee’s utmost of body and upgrade psychology adaption ability. With the aborative training items, the attendee will learn by themselves the management and life concept which was familiar and sound common before. After traning it will be effective help of realizing the organization goal.


In the one day’s training, the attendee joined in the altitude item and group activities like “Broken-bridge in the air”, “Trust buttocking ”,“Escaping from the blind array”, “Passing letter among the posthouse”, “falling and rising synchronously”, “Graduation Wall ”, etc. All the items fully mobilizem and encourage the courage and confidence of new clerks.The sounds of “come on” accompany the teammate in difficulty, the slogan of “Devoted, Elaborate, Rigorous,Harmonious” were full in the base.


“Graduation Wall” is the last item of training, climbing on the wall means the satisfactory end of the course. Then a pledge convention was opened, all attendee wrote their promise in the red camp flag.All the names expressed the united and fiery-hot heart. In the end, with our new clerk’s effort, we renovated the record of “Graduation Wall” in the base by the best eight minute’s result.Also, it handed in a good answer to our company.


In the final ceremony of Liming Heavy Industry training camp, the attendee all expressed: “We learn the importance of goal, collaboration and conquering oneself. In the future job, we will be more factual and harmonious to create the more beautiful future of Liming with one heart.”


Pledge - Liming Heavy Industry


Go with one heart - Liming Heavy Industry


Broken-bridge in the air - Liming Heavy Industry



trust buttocking - Liming Heavy Industry



conclusion and remark - Liming Heavy Industry



Graduation wall - Liming Heavy Industry


Graduation successfully


whoopee by the needfire


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