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Jane K.Winn,the Professor of Washingtion University, Visited Our Company

Author:E-business Dept.   Post Date:2008-7-31

Jane K. Winn, the Doctor of Law at Harvard University and the Professor of Washington University came to our company for a business visit on July 30th, 2008. accompanyed by Ms Song, the teacher of Law School in Henan University of Technology. , manager Jingliang Qiao and vice-manager Gaige Ning of e-commerce department in our company participated the reception. At the same time, they talked with Prof Winn about the current state of e-commerce development of in our company and legal issues of e-commerce.

Prof Winn arrived in our company at 9:00 AM on the 30th. Jane K. Winn, the Doctor of law at Harvard University and the lawyer of New York in the United States, is working as the Professor of law in Washington University, the instruction Professor of Charles I. Stone and the director of Shidler Center for Law, Commerce + Technology. Recently, she is studying the legal aspects of e-commerce projects.During the period of being a visiting scholar in Henan University of Technology,she knew that the e-commerce of Henan Liming Road & Bridge Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was a tremendous success in the aspect of development of e-commerce and the company was one of the electronic commerce pilot enterprises.In order to know the development of e-commerce of Chinese enterprises and the requirements on relevant legal issues,Prof Winn came here for a visit.

Manager Qiao told Prof Winn on the history of development of e-commerce of Henan Liming Road & Bridge Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.,the current development model, and the direction of developing prospects in the future.What's more, he talked about the state of e-commerce legal issues which were demanded by current enterprises,from a business point of view.Meanwhile, Prof Winn not only knew the company Alibaba, the situation of the globalresources from our company but also the status of service platform, a third-party certification for the needs of enterprises and for the necessary to buyers.Moreover,they discussed together about the necessary of "electronic signatures" and other relevant legal issues.

Conversation lasted over two hours. Prof Winn said that speaking directly with the leadership in charge of e-commerce of the enterprise was a rare opportunity and herself got a lot of actual cases needed for the research . She expressed thanks for our warm reception and hoped to maintain contact in the future. Manager Qiao thought that we benefited a lot from this visit and also hoped that we could know more and more forefront knowledge of e-business and the theories of western e-business on the aspects of security and legality from Prof Winn's research. Certainly,he was willing to provide more information for Prof Winn's research.

Prof Winn with Mr Qiao


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