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Crushers of Liming used in the iron ore intensive processing

Author:news center   Post Date:2010-11-3

With the warmer of economy, it raise price of iron, so the price of iron ore rise. Face to the rise of price of iron stone. But the commerce of iron ore aren’t influence and the success of commerce are good. Equipment of the production of iron ore influence directly the offer of raw material, the successes of commerce of iron ore promote the market sales of processing equipment, Mineral processing equipment, equipment of iron ore crushing, sand making equipment and mining machinery.

Deep processing of iron ore, the important part is choosing stone in the project, the workshop choose 65% of high purity of iron ore to and pass the magnetic separation, dehydration, ring to produce more high purity of iron Orem, then they put cretin sintering agent to make pellet, which is used for directly to restore the iron, so crushing and milling are important in the link of choosing stone, it have a high exigency sure granularity of production. Liming as a company of producing crusher, mill and sank making machine research completely crusher of deep processing. Jaw crusher of type Europe is researched by the high technology and manufacturing technology, it is preferred product to crush the hard and abrasive materials. jaw crusher of type Europe contain foundation, fixed jaw, move jaw, eccentric shaft, there is fixed jaw of tooth plate on the fixed jaw, the move jaw of tooth plate is fixed on the move jaw by the connecting rod bolt, both sides of fixed jaw and move jaw are protecting plate, the top of move jaw is fixed on eccentric shaft, there isn’t bearing chamber between fixed jaw and move jaw, the top of move jaw is higher about 80-250mmto fixed jaw, it have a structure reasonable, the higher moving jaw of tooth plate has a good protect to moving jaw and bearing chamber, it guarantee the smooth material making and avoid the phenomenon of blocking, safe and reliable, it simplify the fabrication of moving jaw, the bearing chamber of moving jaw has a good tightness and a good function and haven’t oil dripping, it change the situation of machine, it has a law noise and a steady function, it has a evident  energy saving ,it is beneficial to use and promote, it is used largely in mine, building material, silicate, metallurgy, road construction and chemical raw material, it is good for especially in crushing of medium hard for example rock, ore, cement and grog .now in the expand production of iron ore, the company of Liming strength the innovation, he focus on research talents, it research the new iron ore processing equipment integration based on the environment of iron ore, the equipment of the company of Liming are advanced, realizable, stable and affordable.


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