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How to maintain the hydraulic system of hydraulic cone crusher?

Asker:                Barret 
Ask Date:          2016.8.28   09:37:16 AM
Question:          How to maintain the hydraulic system of hydraulic cone crusher?
Detail:                How to maintain the hydraulic system of hydraulic cone crusher?

Reply:                Dear Barret,

Thank you for your question!

Weather HPT Series High-Efficiency Hydraulic Cone Crusher or HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher, they both provide overload protection and cleaning function by hydraulic   technology. Here are maintenance methods in details which can help you.

1.Selecting suitable hydraulic fluid according to the instructions of cone crusher.

(1)The type and precision of hydraulic fluid should accord with stipulation of elements manufacturers.

(2)Choose the oil which can meet performance requirements as much as possible when you need it replacing hydraulic fluid.

(3)Don’ t use the hydraulic fluid mixed with different models.

2.We must prevent moisture, emulsion, dust, fibre, etc. sundries from entering the system during applications.

3.Keep appropriate amount of oil in the tank. When the components and pipelines of hydraulic pressure system are filled with oil, you should ensure whether the suitable oil level reached.

4.Wash the component, pipeline and system strictly and timely before putting into operation.

5.Adding the oil with strict filtration. Changing new oil filter in time when finding dirtiness in regular inspection.

6.Check out the quality of hydraulic fluid termly in order to keep its cleaning.

7.Installing air cleaner with a precision at its inlet when using closed tank.

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