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What are the factors influencing capacity of PE Series Jaw Crusher?

Asker:                Adair 
Ask Date:          2016.9.10   10:09:30 AM
Question:          What are the factors influencing capacity of PE Series Jaw Crusher?
Detail:                What are the factors influencing capacity of PE Series Jaw Crusher?

Reply:                Dear Adair,

Thank you for your question!

PE Series Jaw Crusher crushes stones by squashing, which simulates  animals chewing food with two jaws. There are four factors influencing capacity as follow.

Hardness is the first factor. The efficiency and capacity of jaw crusher are limited to some extent, so the crusher will get in trouble when crushing very hard materials. For the materials harder than standard, not only will the equipment wear out, but also the service life will be reduced. So it is important to crush materials that meet the standard.

Viscosity is the second factor. It is easy for sticky materials to adhere to the inside of the equipment. If the adherent materials can’t be scrubbed in time, it will make the working difficult and then influence efficiency and capacity of the jaw crusher.

Humidity is the third factor. The damper materials are, the stronger adhesion is. Sticky materials will have an adverse influence on crushing, so selecting non-stick materials discreetly.

Worn parts are the last factor. The equipment crushes stones by colliding between impact plats and hammers, so these parts will wear out after a long time using. Worn parts will make the crushing ratio decreased and then the capacity is decreased accordingly.

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