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What are the problems I should pay attention to when maintaining the crusher?

Asker:               Felix  
Ask Date:         2016.9.28   14:25:06 PM
Question:         What should I pay attention to doing when maintaining the crusher?
Detail:               What should I pay attention to doing when maintaining the crusher?

Reply:               Dear Felix,

Thank you for your question!

Crushers are usually used in mining, metallurgy, construction, highway,  etc. industry. They take advantages of high crushing ratio, large capacity and low costs. Even if they are durable, we should maintain the equipment termly. There are some noteworthy details about maintenance as follow.

1.In the commissioning of the crusher, it should be empty firstly and only after inspecting the gear bearing can you electrify the equipment safely.

2.When you want to inspect the equipment, only after ensuring all the materials exhausted can the crusher stop with empty.

3.Monitor the temperature of bearing all the time. If the temperature rises or reduces abnormally, the equipment should stop and be inspected carefully to avoid damage.

4.Feed materials evenly to ensure the running stable.

5.Each bolt should be inspected termly especially for wearing parts.

6.Ensure the safe of electrical control device and make it leak-free.

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