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What are the features and applications of crushers?

Asker:                Clarence   
Ask Date:          2016.10.12   10:50:28 AM
Question:          What are the features and applications of crushers?
Detail:                What are the features and applications of crushers?

Reply:                Dear Clarence,
Thank you for your question!

There are many kind of crushers made by Liming Heavy Industry. Now I will introduce three of the most popular crushers as follow.

Jaw crusher works with two jaws driven by transmission, and it is because of these two scaleboards shaped like sawtooth that the equipment can squash stones effectively. Jaw crusher usually takes advantages of reliable running, simple structure and easy maintenance, and the equipment is used for crushing hard materials as the primary crusher because of its high crushing ratio.

Impact crusher integrates hit, strike, centrifugal impact, cutting and milling together, which uses energy and empty chamber thoroughly. Impact crusher takes advantages of high efficiency, large capacity, easy maintenance and low costs. Besides, clearance between impact bracket and hammer is adjustable, thus the shape and size of the final products can be controlled easily. According to these advantages, impact crusher can be used in construction, chemical industry, mining machinery, metallurgy, etc. industry.

Cone crusher crushes stones continuously by squashing with stationary outer cone gear and moving inner cone gear. Cone crusher takes advantages of wide application, convenient operations of cleaning chamber and long service life. Better yet, the hydraulic cone crusher with high capacity, reliability and flexibility can create more value for customers.

According to your specific requirements, Liming Heavy Industry will provide professional guidance about selecting equipment. If you are interested in the crushers, just contact us to get more details.

Liming Heavy Industry

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