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Why dose the cement mill need cooling down in time?

Asker:                Edgar
Ask Date:          2016.10.20   11:05:29 AM
Question:          Why dose the cement mill need cooling down in time?
Detail:                Why dose the cement mill need cooling down in time?

Reply:                 Dear Edgar,
Thank you for your question!
There will be two problems when the temperature of cement mill rises unreasonably. On the one hand, the higher temperature reaches, the greater the viscosity of cement is. On the other hand, when we grind cement, that is to say, we are grinding a mixture of clinker and gypsum which takes effects on adjusting the time that cement spend coagulating. When temperature rises, the gypsum will lose crystal water and becomes semi-hydrated gypsum or anhydrous calcium sulfate, which changes solubility and component totally. Just because of this, setting time of cement will be different and it will cause the cement futile due to quick coagulation. So we should control the temperature below 100°C and prohibit it rising above 120°C.

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