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What are the differences between vertical mill and ball mill?

Asker:               Toby
Ask Date:         2016.11.02   10:56:05 AM
Question:         What are the differences between vertical mill and ball mill?
Detail:               What are the differences between vertical mill and ball mill?

Reply:               Dear Toby,  

Thank you for your question!

The differences between vertical mill and ball mill are as follow.

1.High processing efficiency. Vertical Mill adopts the principle of milling in material bed, and its energy consumption is 30 percent lower than ball mill’s.

2.Simple process and low infrastructure investment. Vertical Mill with separator transports materials by adopting hot gas. Because the dust produced by milling enters powder collector directly, Vertical Mill without classifier and elevator takes advantages of simple technologies, low failure rate, high efficiency and compact layout. The building area of Vertical Mill is just 70 percent of Ball Mill’s, and the building space is 50-60 percent of Ball Mill’s.

3.Large drying capacity. Vertical Mill transports materials by adopting hot gas, so it can make the moisture content of final products suitable when milling the materials with large moisture content. In addition, Vertical Mill can dry the materials whose moisture content is around 12-15 percent, but the drying ball mill just can dry the materials with 3-4 percent of moisture content.

4.Less abrasion. Vertical Mill takes advantages of less abrasion because there is no contact between metals when it works. When  processing limestone, there are a few abrasions with 4-6 grams per ton but the ball mill’s are 500 grams per ton.

5.Low noise and little dust. Grinding roller doesn’t contact with millstone when Vertical Mill works, so the noise is lower 20-25 decibels than ball mill’s. And the sound with 80 decibels is soft when equipment works. Moreover, there is a  clean surrounding and little dust because Vertical Mill with hermetic structure is operated under negative pressure.

6.Well-distributed final products. The final products meeting requirements can be separated from the equipment in time which can avoid milling overly but it is easy for ball mill to mill overly.

Vertical Mill made by Liming Heavy Industry takes advantages of large capacity, less abrasion and low noise. If you want to know more details about it or there are other questions, just contact us right now.

Liming Heavy Industry

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