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What's the process of milling slag with Vertical Mill?

Asker:             Harlan
Ask Date:      2016.11.25   08:09:54 AM
Question:       What’s the process of milling slag with Vertical Mill?
Detail:             What’s the process of milling slag with Vertical Mill?

Reply:              Dear Harlan,  

Thank you for your question!

The process of milling slag with Vertical Mill is as follow.

1.Confirm specifications including the water content of wet slag, input size and capacity.

2.Choose suitable equipment based on capacity and power.

3.About materials.

(1)Wet slag. Wet slag is sent to storehouse from yard by conveyor belt. The storehouse of wet slag shouldn’t be too large, and its reserves should satisfy the capacity demand of 4-8 hours in case redundant wet slag will lump and block the crushing chamber. In addition, wet slag shouldn’t be transported by elevator in case the materials stick together in the hopper and it will result in smaller capacity.

(2)Slag powder. There can be a homogenization silo if the source of slag is single and quality is stable. And it is necessary to establish two homogenization silos in order to make the quality stable.

4.About package. Final products are transported in bulk because slag powder is usually used in concrete batching plant.

5.Removing iron with system. It is convenient to remove iron because of the system about external circulation. And there are Electromagnetic Separators in the mill, conveyor belt connected to the mill and entrance of coarse powder, which reduce the content of iron and decrease the wear.

Vertical Mill takes advantages of simple operation and easy maintenance, and it will make the production line high efficiency and large capacity. If you have any question about the equipment, just contact us right now.

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