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What are the ways to maintain grinding plant?

Asker:              Marvin
Ask Date:        2016.12.02  08:36:56 AM
Question:        What are the ways to maintain grinding plant?
Detail:              What are the ways to maintain grinding plant?

Reply:               Dear Marvin,

Thank you for your question!

There are some ways to maintain grinding plant as follow.

1.Operate machines according to instructions. Turn rolling distance up before starting plant and adjust it to appropriate value after materials enter machine.

2.It is important to observe the tightness of conveyor belt constantly because the power of grinding plant is large and it will change with rolling distance multiply

3.Clean sundries out before starting machines and check if the triangular belt and chains are tight. At the same time, check if the fastener is firm and lubrication is normal. For grinding plants with hydraulic systems or pressure system, you should also check the system in time in case breakdown.

4.Observation and smell can help you confirm if the belt slip or deviate its course, and the way to drip rosin and loosen the rolling distance can solve the problems. Besides, stop machine to check the belt if you hear some flap.

5.There are some problems can result in the fault of bearing, such as worn bearing or bushing, broken bearing and grinding roller installed incorrectly. The reason why the end of bearing swings is that rolling distance adjusting device’s elasticity is insufficient or grinding roller is unbalanced. If there is a phenomenon that bearing will throw oils, you should adjust tightness of bearing again and equip appropriate grommet in case grinding roller moves longitudinally.

6.Replace old grinding roller termly but don’t use a great many of  grinding rollers with wire drawing at the same or the process will change rapidly.

7.Keep the Aided Suction Duct clear and clean the powder in piping in time.

8.Gradient gear, unbalanced grinding roller and driver, insufficient lubricant, incorrect tooth and abrasion all can result in large noise.

9.Materials should spread on the grinding roller evenly. If materials fed by vibrating feeder reduce or stop feeding, you should release grinding roller at once in case it will be damaged.

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