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What should consider when choosing model of belt conveyor?

Asker:            Stanley
Ask Date:      2017.04.02  09:20:56 AM
Question:      What should consider when choosing model of belt conveyor?
Detail:            What should consider when choosing model of belt conveyor?

Reply:            Dear Stanley,

Thank you for your question!

There are many models of
belt conveyor. Different specifications means different weights, dimensions and conveying capacities. So you should choose right belt conveyor according to requirements.

When choosing belt conveyor, you should consider these factors as follow.

1.Materials’ weight, dimension and hanging method.

2.The length of transfer line and complexity. It is horizontal rotary section and vertical bending section actually.

3.Work environment of belt conveyor.

4.Running speed and capacity of belt conveyor.

5.Other particular technological requirements.

Belt conveyor is necessary equipment in the crushing line. Good
belt conveyor can make the efficiency of whole production improved. If you have other questions, just contact us right now.

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