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How to maintain coal powder grinding mill in winter?

Asker: Ablitt

Ask Date: 2017.10.25 18:05:35 PM

Question: How to maintain coal powder grinding mill in winter?

Detail: How to maintain coal powder grinding mill in winter?

Reply: Dear Ablitt,


Thank you for your question!

Modern large boiler often burns coal powder. Raw coal coming from mining area will be processed into qualified coal powder by crusher and grinding mill. Only the raw coal crushed by crusher and ground by grinding mill can help to heating supply. And the maintenance of coal powder grinding mill is very important in winter.

When installing and dismantling coal powder grinding mill, it is important to keep certain clearance between parts and parts, in case the parts are damaged because of small clearance. The temperature of of each component will rise normally, but it can’t exceed 70℃. You should stop equipment running to eliminate the fault if the temperature is too high.

You should inspect the wearing parts such as grinding roller and grinding roll regularly. When changing the roll sleeve, you should clean roller bearing and bearing chamber thoroughly. Adding lubricating oil to main bearing of coal powder grinding mill once every four classes, and adding lubricating oil to blower bearing once a month in order to keep flexibility.

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