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How dose pre-grinding technology take effect on grinding project?

Asker:          Bernie
Ask Date:    2017.03.12  10:36:50 AM
Question:    How dose pre-grinding technology take effect on grinding project?
Detail:          How dose pre-grinding technology take effect on grinding project?

Reply:            Dear Bernie,

Thank you for your question!

Reducing input sizes of materials is main method to make capacity larger and energy consumption smaller, and it is pre-grinding technology. In fact, materials are previously sent to crusher whose capacity is larger than
grinding plant, and this way can reduce input sizes below 5mm. By this pre-grinding technology, the capacity of grinding plant can be improved by 30%, and energy consumption is reduced by 15-20%, and granulometric composition is more reasonable.

Supporting measures about pre-grinding technology:

1.Equip vibrating screen or rotary screen, and check sizes of materials after crushing in the closed circuit. If the sizes are too large, they needn’t  reprocessing until meeting the requirement.

2.When input sizes are reduced, sphere diameter of grinding body in first grinding chamber should also be reduced. Length of first grinding chamber should be reduced and advance the partition plate.

3.Improve wind speed and air volume of grinding plant.

4.Improve the capacity of accessory equipment and classifying efficiency, and reduce system cycle load rate.

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