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How to prolong the service life of grinding plant?

Asker:       Abbott

Ask Date: 2017.12.14 10:25:36AM

Question: How to prolong the service life of grinding plant?

Detail:      How to prolong the service life of grinding plant?

Reply: Dear Abbott,

Thank you for your question!

Grinding plant is efficient equipment used in milling production. Long service life can extend the value of grinding equipment and make the investment cost-effective. So learning to prolong the service life of grinding plant is very important.

Because the grinding plant needs monitoring, operators must master some skills about maintenance. Before installing grinding machine, related personnel should be trained and know about the working principle and operating procedures of grinding plant. For this aspect, Liming Heavy Industry will provide after-sell service about technical training. The company will train operators for the customers who have bought our equipment.

In order to make the machine running regular, you should set up a safe operating system about maintenance. And it is necessary to prepare maintenance tools and emergency parts.

After a long time grinding plant is used, this machine should be overhauled to a large extent. On the one hand, the grinding roller, grinding ring and relieving tool should be replaced or repaired. On the other hand, bolt and nut plug should be checked carefully before and after using the grinding roller in case they are loose. Besides, adding enough lubricating oil is also necessary.

If the grinding roller has been used for 500 hours, all rolling bearings in the roller sleeve should be cleaned when changing grinding roller newly and the damaged parts need changing.

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