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What’s the price of construction waste crusher?

Asker: Frazier

Ask Date: 2017.11.15 15:20:39 PM

Question: What’s the price of construction waste crusher?

Detail: What’s the price of construction waste crusher?

Reply: Dear Frazier,

Thank you for your question!

Construction waste crusher made in Liming Heavy Industry adopts integrated working process, which can avoid intermediate link when garbage leaves from the scene. This method takes advantages of large capacity and little transportation costs, and it can satisfy the demand processing construction waste.

Construction waste crusher adopts quality cummins diesel taking low oil consumption. The chassis adopts crawler type rigid hull form structure, which can be adaptable to a variety of terrain. Besides, high torque motor with mature technology takes advantages of big driving force and high reliability.

The waste processed by construction waste crusher has a wide applications. For example, waste rebar, wire scrap and waste wire, etc. scrap metals can be reprocessed to new steel products by sorting, concentrating and remelting. Waste bamboo timber can be processed to artificial timber. Bricks, stones and concrete, etc. waste can substitute for sand after crushed. And it can be used as masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushion, or block, paving brick, brick tracery, etc. building materials.

Because the price of construction waste crusher depends on corresponding configuration, you can leave massages to consult it.

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