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Sand and Gravel Crushing Plant Installed in Saudi Arabia

Introduction:Lasted 64days, Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology overcome the extreme of the geographical constraints and make the first overseas automated sand and gravel production line running test succeeding in the oil kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This sand and gravel production line combined with three sets of cone crusher, jaw crusher, some other production which is the star of our company, and the intelligent control system of the “new generation”. Assembled into a huge “Intelligence Corps” to go abroad, achieve the magnificent status on the vast desert of Western Asia.

“Intelligence Corps" unmanned power management

For modern industry intelligent control platform is not strange, but it is not commonly to use it in the sand and gravel industry. The intelligent control platform caused a sensation when the Liming Heavy Industry debut it in the Shanghai Baoma exhibition in 2012.

The so-called intelligent control platform is that, through the industrial computer and touching screen remote monitor the operating status and production of the whole sand and gravel production line. Use the theory of centralized management and distributed control processing, computing and storage the data of the each device of the production line. Adjusting the status of each device reasonable, the operator simply needs to click the mouse and touch the keys sitting in the office, so that can achieve the operation of on-site equipment, and the real-time monitoring of motor current, the device temperature, pressure and other parameters, viewing of the alarm information .Through writing the program to deal with linkage relationship of the equipment, the Intelligent control system greatly simplify the electrical wiring of the control cabinet, make the maintenance much more easier, and ensure the continuity and flexibility of the production process. In this way, it can improve the efficiency of the production line, at the same time saving labor costs, and push the productivity of the sand and gravel industry into a higher level.

Harsh tropical desert climate lead the running case of the production site complex, so the convenience brought by the unmanned management of the “Intelligence Corps” to the client in that place is obvious .This debugging success lays a solid foundation to develop the control system what is more intelligent and more great. We look forward its combat capability of fearlessly and successfully, and creating value for customers.

The belief of "Customer first" make the brand success

Liming Heavy Industry has been adhering to the business concept of " customer first", the products have been exported to South America, Australia , Central Asia , West Asia and other countries and regions. With excellent quality of the product and perfect after-sales service, continue to make the brand of Liming much greater.

It is evidenced by the installation and commissioning of the project that we seek for greater perfection of every detail, and to ensure that our customers have no worries about the production. To ensure that the production line went into operation smoothly, the member of the Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology gravel intelligent control project team has become the truly " backpackers "- who is endure the storm, great temperature change from day to night, and the dry weather, going back and forth to the site on foot. What’s more, due to the long time of lacking vegetables, their partial skin is peeling. But they are debugging the machine with 64days uninterrupted. The title of “Intelligence Corps" they are fully deserved.

Under the guidance of the company's development strategy, and behind the Liming members and the Liming production which is constant to create the value in a foreign country, the confidence to enhance the brand of Liming and the courage to meet the greater challenge are all improved.

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