Application of cone crusher in second crushing

Secondary crushing is an important role in stone production line. It will accept coarse materials from the first crushing process and doesn’t crush them until their sizes are suitable. Then it will send them to third crushing process. So this secondary crushing process is very important. High quality cone crusher can help production line improve efficiency, save working time and increase the capacity of whole process.

Application of cone crusher in various areas

There is a cone crusher manufacturing base

  • R&D

    Research and development is origin of the whole process. In order to keep the progressiveness of cine crusher, Liming Heavy Industry called high-quality talents together to establish LIMING Machinery Research Laboratory, which provides theoretical basis and material basis for manufacturing large scale crushing and grinding equipment. So far, the company has got 114 patents including 8 patents of invention, 19 design patents and 117 patents for utility models.

  • Production

    Liming Heavy Industry persists on quality control system, and we avoid any problem produced in machining, assembling, etc. processes to improve the durability and service life of cone crusher. In addition, company pays much attention to raw materials purchase and material management, and we always adopt spare parts and components from famous brand to perfect the structure and strengthen machine.

  • Delivery

    Liming Heavy Industry thinks highly of the details of each process. Even contract has been concluded and signed, we will prove that there is no problem about swing and skew when assembling and packing equipment. Besides, the company supports water transportation and land transportation, in order to make delivery quickly and sign for the product safely.