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Secondary crushing and screening plant with hopper and bars- HIGH-PERFORMANCE PRELIMINARY SCREENING MOBILE STATION

1Secondary and fine crushing mobile station + upper hopper 18

types of machine, automobile body is common used.

Cone crusher screening mobile station: cone crusher + vibrating

screening + grizzly bar hopper.

Impact crusher screening mobile station: impact crusher +

vibrating screening + grizzly bar hopper.

Screening mobile station: pure screening + grizzly bar hopper,

system matching belt conveyor.

All of them are Vehicle-mounted belt conveyor.


• Sand and gravel field with a lot of small-diameter original mineral soil which needs no coarse crush.
• Available for all kinds of finely sieving mobile plant


Machine frame as the carrying platform can update replacement the main equipment, three types pure screening + grizzly bar hopper mobile station is available. Grizzly bar hopper combine screening and stockpile. We also have the primary crushing mobile crushing station with nine types configuration of jaw crusher and six types of impact crusher, which the final product shape is very good, can meet the needs of all kind of Secondary and fine crushing work. The maximum capacity of pure screening + grizzly bar hopper can be 400t/h, and the maximum capacity of secondary and fine crushing mobile crushing station can be A+t/h.


  • 1、Added with a single cylinder cone crusher of large capacity
  • 2、 Effective and reliable main equipment for finely crushing
  • 3、Unit-able
  • 4、Independent unit that completes customers' requirement to crush stones.
  • 5、Flexible scheme according to customers' needs
  • 6、Switchable main equipment which meets the personalized need of customers
  • 7、Flexible auto-park that allows the plant to enter the work mood swiftly


the Replacement System of Impact Crushers and Cone Crushers The plant is in common use of more than 10 kinds of other plants, which allows the crushing unit to be replaced. There is just the need for single unit costs then in a short time, the ore field can use different and replaceable crushing units on one single plant, on which every unit can cooperate perfectly. In this way, the plant can be used for more situations, with more comprehensive crushing functions. Thus the customer's benefit is maximized.



Model Feeding Equipment Crushing Equipment Max. preparedness capacity(t/h) Overall Dimension Weight (t)
Model Model Max. Feeding Size(mm) output
Transport dimension (need tear-down)
KC75-2D 3YZS1848 CS75B 102-175 A A+(20~50) 16850×3000×4500(mm) 50
KC160-2D 3YZS1860 CS160B 168-192 A A+(30~70) 16850×3000×4500(mm) 65
KT100-2D 3YZS1848 HST100H 52-192 A A+(20~50) 16850×3000×4500(mm) 40
KT160-2D 3YZS1860 HST160H 72-288 A A+(30~70) 16850×3000×4500(mm) 48
KT250-2D 3YZS1860 HST250H 88-360 A A+(30~70) 16850×3000×4500(mm) 55
KT250-2D 3YZS2160 HST250H 88-360 A A+(40~90) 16850×3000×4500(mm) 59
KH300-2D 3YZS1860 HPT300C2 84-168 A A+(30~70) 16850×3000×4500(mm) 56
KH300-2D 3YZS2160 HPT300C2 84-168 A A+(40~90) 16850×3000×4500(mm) 60
KH300-2D 4YZS2160 HPT300C2 84-168 A A+(20~80) 16850×3000×4500(mm) 61
KF1214-2D 3YZS1860 PF1214 300 90-180 120-240 16120×3000×4500(mm) 60
KF1214-2D 3YZS1860 PFW1214Ⅲ 250 90-190 120-250 16120×3000×4500(mm) 58
KF1315-2D 3YZS2160 PF1315 300 120-250 150-320 16700×3100×4500(mm) 70
KF1315-2D 3YZS2160 PFW1315Ⅲ 300 150-280 180-350 16120×3000×4500(mm) 68
KF1315-2D 4YZS2160 PFW1315Ⅲ 300 150-280 150-280 16120×3100×4200(mm) 70
KF1318-2D 3YZS2160 PFW1318Ⅲ 300 220-350 250-430 16120×3100×4500(mm) 74
KS1848-1D 3YZS1848 50-250 70-300 16910×3000×4500(mm) 33
KS1860-1D 3YZS1860 60-300 70-350 16910×3000×4500(mm) 35
KS2160-1D 3YZS2160 80-400 90-450 16910×3000×4500(mm) 41



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