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Barite powder processing and grinding technology


Barite is non-renewable resources. It can be used as a white pigment (also called Lithopone) and also be used for chemical, paper, textile fillings and glass production line. Barite can be a flux in glass processing to increase the brightness of the glass. Its most popular usage is as a weighting material in the drilling industry and barium refining.

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Processing Technology

Batistes from quarry will be crushed back and forth by Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher and Cone Crusher. Crushed materials with the size of 2-3mm will come into grinding mills for grinding. For grinding mills, you can use Raymond Mill, Trapezium Roller Mill, Vertical Mill and HGM Micro Powder Grinding Mill. The final output size of powder will be as fine as 350 mesh.


Application Fields

Through the further processing of grinding mills, barite can be widely applied in the following industries:
1, Weight additive of drilling mud
The fineness of barite for weight additive of drilling mud is more than 325 meshes. If the barite is not fine enough, it will precipitate. Barite for drilling mud required specific gravity is greater than 4.2, BaSO4 content of more than 95% and soluble salts content of less than 1%.
2, Lithopone pigment
Lithopone is a commonly useful white pigment, which can be used as raw materials for paints. Heat the barium sulfate and then reduce to barium sulfide (BaS) by using reducing agent. The mixture of barium sulfate and zinc sulfide (BaSO4 70%; ZnS 30%) is the Lithopone pigment. The BaSO4 content of barite for making Lithopone is bigger than 95% and also do not contain visible non-ferrous impurities.
3, Various barium compounds
As raw material, barite can be produced different chemical materials like: barium oxide, barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium nitrate and barium hydroxide etc. Pure barium sulfate is used to measure the whiteness. Barium carbonate is an important material for optical glass. Barium chloride is an agricultural pesticide. Barium nitrate is used in fireworks and glass industries. Barium permanganate is a kind of green pigment.
4, Filling industry
In the paint industry, barite fillers can increase the paint film thickness, strength and durability. Barite used in paint industry required adequate fineness and high degree of whiteness.
5, Cement mineralize
In the cement production, people will mix with barite and fluorite composite mineralizer to promote C3S formation and activation. After doing this, the quality of clinker will be improved and cement early strength can increase about 20%~25%, the late strength of about 10%. Meanwhile, clinker temperature can reduce from 1450℃ to 1300±50℃。
6, Radiation-shielding cement, mortar and concrete
Barite has the property of absorbing X-ray. People can use barium cement, mortar and concrete to replace the lead shielding for nuclear reactors and research, hospital X-ray-proof buildings.
7, Road construction
In road construction, rubber and asphalt mixtures containing 10% barite has been used in the parking area. At present, heavy road construction equipment's tires has been partially filled with barite to add its weight and tamp the road.
8, Others
Barite powder is used to refined kerosene; barite can be gastrointestinal contrast agent in pharmaceutical industry; barite can make pesticides, tanning, fireworks etc; barite is used for extracting the barium metal and barium and other metals (aluminum, magnesium, lead and calcium) made of alloy, which can be used in bearings manufacture.

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