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Calcium carbonate powder processing and grinding technology


Calcium carbonate is a kind of inorganic compound. It is the major components of limestone and calcite. Carbonic acid consists of ground calcium carbonate and Light calcium carbonate.

Due to the difference of grain size, crystal shape and interface properties of Light calcium carbonate and ground calcium carbonate, the characteristics are really different. So there are Activated calcium carbonates, calcium carbonate for paper making, Calcium carbonate used in plastics, Nano calcium carbonate, Edible calcium carbonate, Medicinal calcium carbonate, Calcium carbonate chemistry, Calcium carbonate coatings and so on.

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Processing Technology

Ground calcium carbonate mainly adopts Dry process production technology:
Flowchart: Firstly get rid of gangue from the calcite, limestone, chalk, shell and so on and then crush the stones with crushers. After that putting them into the Carbonic acid grinding mill to get fine lime stone powders and then use separator to sieve the powders. The sieved size is packed as finished products, and the big size will be sent back to the grinding mill again.
1、carbonization method: calcine the limestone to lime (CaO) and carbon dioxide, and add water to make it change to lime cream Ca(oH)2, then put carbon dioxide to make it to be precipitation of calcium carbonate, at last light calcium carbonate come out from calcium carbonate after drying and grinding.
2、Soda ash (Na2CO3) calcium chloride method: add calcium chloride into the Soda water and that is precipitation of calcium carbonate
3、Caustic soda: By-product of light calcium carbonate will come out during the Soda (NaOH) producing. Add lime into the Soda water and that will be precipitation of calcium carbonate. At the same time Soda (NaOH) water will be made. At last light calcium carbonate come out after drying and grinding of precipitation of calcium carbonate.
4、Solvay method: By-product of light calcium carbonate will come out during the Soda(NaOH) producing.
5、Carbonize with Co2 after Saturated salt water sucking ammonia and heavy alkali precipitation and ammonium chloride solution will come out. Light calcium carbonate producing technology is: 1. limestone calcinations 2. Calcium lime slaking 3. Limewater carbonated 4. Subsidence, filtration 5. Drying, crushing


Application Fields

Calcium carbonate after grinding can be widely used in the fields as following:
1 、200mesh
It can be used for additive of forage, calcium contents can be more than 55.6% and it has no harmful ingredient.
2、250mesh –300mesh
It can be used as the material of painting material in Plastics Plant, rubber factory, coating factory and Waterproof Materials Factory. White degree is over 85 degree.
3、350mesh-400 mesh
It can be used for producing margin plate Water pipeline and used in the field of chemical industry.
4、400mesh -600mesh
It can be used for producing toothpaste and soap. The white degree is over 94.
It can be used as fillers of rubber, plastic, cable and PVC. The white degree is over 94.
It can be used in PVC, PE, painting, paint grade products, Paper Primer, Paper topcoat. The white degree is over 95. It has the advantages of high purity, high whiteness, Non-toxic, Odorless, low hardness and so on.
7、carbonic acid can be used as Calcium supplements:
Absorption Rate can reach to 39%, second only to Calcium citrate malate. It can soluble in stomach acid. It has become the most wieldy used calcium supplements.

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