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Gypsum powder processing and grinding technology

Gypsum powder processing line can be divided into building gypsum production line and desulfurization gypsum production line.

Building Gypsum Production Line

This kind of production line use mature and advanced process equipments like vertical mill and boiling furnace, etc.

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Equipment Features:

Simple structure, compact and high capacity.

This kind of gypsum production line not only save energy and make reasonable use of it, but also easy to reach automatic control. Customers favor it because its finished products are with good quality, stable physical properties and low operation cost, etc. At present, LIMING can design and produce tens of production lines, and customize different kinds of production line according to different needs of users.

Desulphurization Gypsum Production Line

At present, the most mature technology of desulfurization process is the lime or limestone with gypsum method. To improve the flue gas desulfurization efficiency, in the desulphurization gypsum production line, the requirements of the fineness of the limestone and CaO powder is high. The vertical roller mill manufactured by LIMING is suitable for the large scale of crushing and grinding of limestone and lime. This kind of production line is widely used in the desulfurization of milling process of iron and steel plant and thermal power plant. The rate of desulfurization is higher than 92%.

Application Fields

The application of gypsum powder has a long history. At the first beginning, it's only used to make chalks, wall putty, tofu and simple handcrafts, etc. At present, it has been widely used in building and building materials.
1, Building: Gypsum production line upgrades the quality of gypsum board.
2, Building Materials: Gypsum production line overawe cement industry.
3, Gypsum production line plays an important role in concrete industry.
4, Gypsum production line drives die and mould industry develop by strides.

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