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Limestone powder processing and grinding technology


Limestone is usually with 92%-93% calcium carbonate. Its common name is bluestone, with block shapes and Mohs'hardness of 3.

Limestone includes quick lime and hydrated lime. Limestone becomes calcium oxide (common name is quick lime) after calcinations. It's usually with bock shapes and used in the industries of water treatment, asphalt modification, desulfuration, construction materials and pharmaceuticals, etc. Quick lime becomes hydrated lime (also named slaked lime) after absorbing moisture or adding water, whose main component is Ca(OH)2. It's mainly used in the industries of waste incineration, environmental protection and pharmaceuticals, etc.

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Processing Technology

Limestone is with fine quality and most is with surface expression, so it's not only easy to exploit with low cost, but also easy to process and multipurpose use. So these years, the limestone powder processing industry is becoming more and more popular.

Limestone can be divided into four different sizes by the fineness of the powder:
D95 of 200 mesh, D99 of 325 mesh, D99.9 of 325 mesh and D99.95 of 400 mesh. They are used in different industries.

D95 of 200 mesh: To produce the raw material of calcium chloride anhydrous, sodium dichromate, glass and cement, also building materials and poultry feed, etc.

D99.9 of 325 mesh: Fillers of plastic, wall putty, plywood and paint.

D99 of 325 mesh: To produce the raw material of calcium chloride anhydrous and glass, the white filler of rubber and paint, also construction material.

D99.95 of 400 mesh: Fillers of wire insulation, rubber molded products and asphalt linoleum.


Processing Technology

1、To produce cement or calcined lime in construction industry.
2、Flux in metallurgical industry.
3、To produce alkali, bleaching powder, fertilizer, etc in chemical industry.
4、Clarifying agent in foot industry.
5、To improve soil in agriculture.
7、Filler in plastic industry.
8、Building coating in painting industry.
9、Alkaline filler in paper industry.
10、Basic filler of rubber in rubber industry.
11、Adsorbent in environmental production industry.

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