Three Applications

Desulphurization in power plant

Desulphurization in process is the most effective and widely used technology reducing sulfur dioxide produced in coal-fired power plant. In order to get achieve better desulfurization effect, limestone powder with suitable size is important. Therefor, Liming Heavy Industry researched and developed patented MTW European type Grinding Mill. With advantages of large capacity and low energy consumption, this product can finish limestone grinding process excellently and provides quality materials for power plant.

Nonmetallic Ore Grinding Process

Nonmetallic ore is a rich resource including diamond, graphite, crystal, gypsum, limestone, dolomite, quartzite, ceramic clay, refractory clay, marble and granite, etc. 91 kinds of materials. Nonmetallic ore after processed can make special plastic and be widely used in cement, glass, ceramics, etc. industries. European type Grinding Mill of Liming Heavy Industry makes nonmetallic ore grinding process efficient, intelligent, energy saving and environmentally friendly.

Heavy Calcium Grinding Process

Heavy calcium has strong stability and it is inorganic filler in common use. This material can be also used in artificial floor, rubber, plastics, paper making, paint, building supplies, etc. industries, which makes production costs reduced. European type Grinding Mill of Liming Heavy Industry is a large grinding plant can be used to process heavy calcium, and it has occupied a place in the heavy calcium processing market. Now many customers speaks highly of the final products and whole process.

Two Changes
About host

1. Raise the speed and increase the diameter of roller. And grinding ability is also improved.
2. Reducing quantity of grinding roller can reduce resistance, increase ventilation area and improve efficiency.

About classifier

1. Adopts conical cage rotor to reduce resistance and improve capacity.
2. Classifying range is narrow and classifying efficiency is high.
3. Energy consumption and failure rate is reduced.
4. Ensure the seal progress when machining at impeller seal and guarantee coarse powder won't flow away.

grinding mill host
Four Advantages
  • Enlarging diameter of ventilation pipe and reducing pipe resistance. Besides transport is improved, too.

    Enlarging diameter of powder collector and improve ability to collect finished products.
  • Pulse dust collector can make dust removal effect better and process greener.

    Adopts standard fan to improve fan efficiency.

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