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Barite crushing & processing


Barite is a non-metal mineral barium sulfate (BaSO4) as main component, the hardness is small, Mohs hardness is 3 to 3.5 mesh. Barite can be used as a white pigment, but also for chemical, paper, textile filler, in glass production it can act as a flux and increase the brightness of glass. According to customer requirements, barite size arrange is 0-0 .5 cm, 0.5-3cm, 20-40 mesh, 40 - 70 mesh, 80 - 120 mesh, 140 - 180 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh and 400 mesh.

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Barite crushing process, barite ore is brittle fragile, so in the crushing process, the recommend crushing machine is jaw crusher, avoid the use of impact crusher or hammer crusher, to reduce large amounts of barite powder when crushing. After the original barite ore jaw crusher crushing can obtain better results. After the screening process, the thickness of barite ore after crushing is very uneven, but generally has its own processing equipment required for selected grain size and scope, so crushed barite ore through vibrating screen screening process, the next step can be optimized sorting process.

Then the re-election process for barite, mainly using barite ore jigging machine for gravity separation operation, the jig was used for select large size material, selected large range size, and also has advantages of large mineral processing capacity, high recovery, energy saving, efficient, environmentally friendly, etc.

Obtained high purity barite, it is necessary to use a milling process, Henan Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Grinding mill machine broken large lumps of raw materials into needed feed size, and then by the bucket elevator to transport materials to the storage silos, and then by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly sent to the host's grinding chamber, the materials into the grinding chamber grinded between the grinding roller and grinding ring, the powder after grinding with airflow from the fan to the analysis of sub-grading machine, achieving the fineness barite powder with the air flow through the pipe into the large cyclone collector, separated collected and then discharged through the unloader and to be the final product.

300-400tph Sand aggregate production line In Chile 400tph gypsum mobile crushing plant in Thailand


1, the drilling mud weighting agent: barite used in drilling mud to reach the general fineness of 325 mesh or more.
2, lithopone pigments: Preparation requirements lithopone barite BaSO4 content should greater than 95%, and should not contain visible colored debris.
3, various barium compounds: the raw material for manufacturing barite barium oxide, barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium nitrate, barium sulfate, barium hydroxide and other chemicals.
4, packing industrial barite: In the paint industry, paper industry, rubber and plastics industry is also used as a filler barite.
5, the cement industry with a mineralizing agent: used in cement production barite, fluorite compound mineralizer to promote the incorporation of C3S formation, activation of C3S has a significant effect, improving the quality of clinker.
6, used as raw material of anti-ray cement, mortar and concrete.
7, road construction: Rubber and containing about 10% barite asphalt mixture has been successfully used parking lot.
8, Others: barite and oil applied to Burkina reconciliation manufactured on linoleum; barite powder for refined kerosene; in the pharmaceutical industry to do gastrointestinal contrast agent; also in pesticide, leather, manufacturing fireworks and so on. In addition, barite is also used to extract metals barium, as televisions and other vacuum getter, binder. Barium and other metals (aluminum, magnesium, lead, and calcium) made of alloy, for bearing manufacturing.

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