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High power stone impact crusher machine

High power stone impact crusher machine can deal with side length less than 500 mm, less than 350Mpa compressive strength of all kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), widely used in all kinds of ore crushing, railway, highway and construction industry. High power stone impact crusher machine shows incomparable performance in primary, secondary and tertiary crushing and recycling applications.
High power stone impact crusher machine is by the ore feed into the mouth, and sliding down the sieve plate, oversize ore in the process of falling by high speed rotating rotor of carbide hammer on the break, and at high speed along the tangent direction to fly to the first block back board, the ore continue to be broken, back plate and the ore strike back again with the rotor out behind other ore collide with each other, so in the first crushing cavity ore was break under repeated impact. Some ore after the first crushing cavity broken to a certain size, after counterattack plate and the space between the rotor and crushing cavity to second, continue to be hit again and again, until the smaller particle size of crusher bottom row ore mouth after discharge.

High power stone impact crusher machine is exported to more than 130 countries and districts all over the world. If you are interested in high power stone impact crusher, please contact with our online customer service or leave a message.

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